Patch 0.4 Now Live!


It doesn't feel like it's only been a month since our last patch, not with all the changes and new content we've added to the game. You'll notice the game has a different look now and we really hope you love it as much as we do!


  • Changed game art and assets to have color (it looks so good!)
  • Added tool balancing: lower grade tools will take longer to cut/mine resources
  • Added options screen in game so you can change audio levels and key/button binds mid play
  • Added the ability to place furniture on the floor and walls
  • Changed furniture placement to be more accurate
  • Furniture placement guide now shows you the size of the item you are about to place
  • Added Lambents: Little animals that you feed that will produce light matter
  • Light drain occurs over 15 minutes still, but it now has a curve so it stays brighter for longer
  • Improved the sell experience to shop venders
  • Two new shops to go and explore
  • Updated NPC pathing to allow them to walk anywhere but prioritize paths


  • Small optimisations that should improve game performance on slower machines
  • Furniture placement disappears once furniture is placed.
  • Dropping and using stacked items will take from the selected slot first.
  • Movement optimizations
  • Save migration improved
  • Corrupted saves will now report the devs so we can diagnose

Feedback and Bug Reports

The best place to give us feedback and report bugs is on our Discord. We're active and involved in our community there so if you have Discord please consider joining! Bugs are more likely to be fixed when they are reported on the Discord.


Windows 162 MB
Version 0.4.0 Feb 03, 2022
Linux 178 MB
Version 0.4.0 Feb 03, 2022
Mac 172 MB
Version 0.4.0 Feb 03, 2022

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