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You are a Lightsmith, manipulator of light.

The world has been plunged into eternal night, blanketed in darkness by eerie creatures that feed on light. Things seem bleak for those that still survive, but hope is not lost. A new, rare resource has begun emerging and a gifted few are able to manipulate it into a new source of light; they are known as the Lightsmiths.

You are one of the rare individuals able to craft with light, and it’s up to you to keep your settlement running. Gather your materials, craft light sources in your forge, and help your fellow villagers survive. Slowly grow your settlement into a self-sustaining village that welcomes newcomers and stands as a beacon of hope in this dark and gloomy world, keeping the creatures of darkness at bay.

And whatever you do, don’t let the light go out.

In development

This game is in active development, meaning that it will receive frequent updates that may break saves and change fundamental game elements from time to time.

Game jam

This game was made as a part of a game jam and as such we want to offer the game jam version as well. Enjoy seeing what the early version of this game was.

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Buy Now$13.99 USD or more

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Windows 164 MB
Version 0.7.1
Linux 179 MB
Version 0.7.1
Mac 173 MB
Version 0.7.1

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Lightsmith game jam version 55 MB

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